Virtual EMS

Virtual EMS

  • The main contact email address changed from to effective 7/01/2017.
  • Inquiries for Room Scheduling services should be sent to
  • Be sure to verify the installed AV equipment in the room that you request. To check installed AV equipment for a room, click the linked room title and the "FEATURES" tab.
  • AV Services is now under the UC Health IS group. For AV needs outside of the room's standard equipment - Submit a ticket here: After login to that site, click these selections to request additional AV equipment: "Request Catalog" > "Service Request" > "General Request" form at bottom of page.
  • Inquiries for Audiovisual services should be sent to 3help@ucsd.eduFor URGENT AV requests, call the IS Help Desk at (619) 543-4357 (x3-HELP).
Use the "MY HOME" tab above to start the room reservation process.

If you have not used this site before, you should be able to log in with your Active Directory username and password, but fill out this form first to add you to the client database in order to submit a request.

Please note: If you are getting an error that states your username or password is invalid, go to to change your AD password. It is UCSD policy that all UCSD employees must change their AD password annually (every October).

Welcome to the

Health Sciences Room Scheduling website.

Follow these steps to begin using this website. Download the Reservation Help Sheet here.

  1. Click the Help Text icon on any page for contextual instructions for that screen.
  2. Anyone with an Active Directory (AD)/UCSD email can log in with their AD username and password. However, fill out this form first with your contact info (office phone # and dept) to add you to the client database in order to submit a request.
  3. Please do not use the "Create an account" option if you already have a UCSD Active Directory/email account.
  4. Only current clients can successfully request a room.
    • For non-clients, please select a current client that you work with, or email us with your contact info and affiliation (staff or faculty) to be added to the client database.
    • For graduate students, select a current client (staff or faculty) that you work with, or contact us with your program and/or event type, so we can figure out who to assign as your client.
  5. You must be logged into this website before you can begin a request. Type in your Active Directory (AD) or UCSD email username and password.
    • On the initial login, you will be prompted to complete the Account Information screen.  All fields are required except for the last field for "Assistant To".
    • With that screen displayed, click the Help Text icon  for detailed instructions.
  6. Next, you can choose a reservation request form (Reservation Templates) for your desired location.
    • Use the "Room Request" templates for regular requests.
    • If you are requesting a recurring meeting, use the "Standing Meeting (all locations)" choice.
    • You can view any previous requests by selecting the "MY EVENTS" option.
    • To check installed AV Equipment for a room, click the linked room title and the "FEATURES" tab.
  7. You will receive a copy of your request immediately.
  8. To request AV equipment that is not already in the room, call (619) 543-4357 or submit a ticket in the UC Health IS Service Now site.
    • Click "Request Catalog" > "Service Request" > "General Request" form at bottom of page.
  9. Once the room is officially reserved, an email confirmation will be sent to you.
    • Please Note: your room is not reserved UNTIL you receive the confirmation.